Silocraft Minecraft Servers

The Winners need to contact me to redeem reward within 2 weeks!

Top Mobkiller: @chaois
Top PvPer: @Sungmin18
Richest Player: @Capn_Wreckz
Higher Power Level: @chaios
Event on Survival Server will start September 5th 8PM (CET)

No hacks
No glitches
No stealing (all items must be returned to the other player)
No OP gear (vanilla only)
Potions and god apples are allowed

1st place prize:
20$ Silocraft Coupon

2nd place prize:
10$ Silocraft Coupon

3rd place prize:
5$ Silocraft Coupon

Enter your name down below if you want to enter!
+Little changes to Third Block's mob farm
+New Block2 rooms
+Added 60 Second Block's rooms
+Added 40 Fourth Block's plots
+Added Player Shops
+Added Lottery
+Completely reworked crates, you may buy them for 1mil with /crate buy
+Changed Fifth Block's plot prices
Invite x friends via ""
-Invite 10 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 15 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 25 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 35 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 50 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 65 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 80 friends 10$ Coupon
-Invite 100 friends 20$ Coupon
-Invite 150 friends 20$ Coupon
-Invite 200 friends 20$ Coupon

Post here when requirements are met:
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If you dislike the New design, you may go back to old one. Click on "New" button with brush and choose "Old"
We added a Hardcore world to Survival Server!

Try it out, if you have the guts :p

/warp hardcore
New pets and disguises:

New servers supporting pets and disguises:
Worldedit perks are now available on the donation page!

Made this within 5 minutes with Worldedit ^^
During this weekend, we'll be adding some new things to the prison server!
+New rewards
+Rank-up rework