Silocraft Minecraft Servers
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We added a Hardcore world to Survival Server!

Try it out, if you have the guts :p

/warp hardcore
New pets and disguises:

New servers supporting pets and disguises:
Worldedit perks are now available on the donation page!

Made this within 5 minutes with Worldedit ^^
During this weekend, we'll be adding some new things to the prison server!
+New rewards
+Rank-up rework
Minecarts = Cars

Cars require fuel to drive. 1 liter of fuel = 10$ in-game

You can also use nitro speed boosts with diamonds, coal etc
You start off as an unemployed player, you get your own land with limited resources.

Earn money by auctioning your items, buy more lands and merge them together to make a city!

Progress thru the /rankup system to incrase your hourly salaray and land expansion!
Vanilla Servers?
By becoming Legendary, Emperor or Sponsor, you get your very own Minecraft server within the Silocraft Network. You control whether it is fully private or public with whitelist, plugin configurations, and everything that takes place inside the server. Create, invite friends and have fun!

This sounds awesome! How do I start?
Message me here on the forums via private message or on Skype and we'll start working on it :p

How do I join my server?

You will be given a command to join your server, for example "/server banana"
Been getting a lot of messages, so please read this:

If you read any Minecraft news lately, it's full with news about a bug that was found back in 2013 to crash any Minecraft server. I have updated all of our servers just now, so the exploit is fixed - nothing to worry about!!