Silocraft Minecraft Servers

by Silonix at 8:34 PM
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Some issues still pop out with Name Changes, usualy those problems are sorted automaticaly, but sometimes we need to fix it manualy. So do not hesitate to contact us if you're having problems ^^
by Silonix at 7:38 PM
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+New Spawn added on Survival Server
+New Staff rank "Trainee"

Long story short, trainees are basicaly helpers. Their objective is the same, help out newcomers with problems or concerns they face. No special powers are given to helpers, however they're eligable for a promotion to a Moderator. Key factor is that trainees doesn't have to apply to get accepted. Moderators can choose up to 3 Trainees and Admins up to 5 for which they will be responsible for.

You firstly need to ask the person if he wants to become a Trainee, and only then tell me via Skype or PM on the Forums.
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You may request your faction to be declared Peaceful on this thread by putting your in-game name (must be the owner of the faction) and faction name.

Members of peaceful factions cannot deal or receive PvP damage (unless in a war zone which has friendly fire enabled), cannot claim land from another faction and likewise can’t have their land claimed, and cannot be considered as ally or enemy of any other faction. Faction admins and moderators of peaceful factions can enable/disable all explosions inside their faction’s territory at will using /f noboom. The main purpose of this “peaceful factions” is to provide a way for more peaceful players who don’t want to take part in faction wars to still have fun on the server. It is also meant to allow groups of players to make protected buildings, monuments, grand constructions, and so forth without having to worry about another faction destroying them.
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*We have fixed our ts3 server, so you're able to join it back again!

Quite a few people suggested to make a ts3 server for voice chatting in game (Like Skype). Here is a step by step how to connect to it:

1. Download Team Speak 3 ->
2. Install it
3. Launch it
4. Click on the "Connections" (top left)
5. Click "Connect"
6. Type in your "Nickname" and "Server Address":
7. Click "Connect" and voila, you're done!

It is also recommended to change your microphone settings to your liked preference. Go to "Settings" -> "Options" -> "Capture" and choose either you want to use "Continuous Transmission" (Like on skype), "Voice Activation Detection" (Your microphone will turn on when you talk, less background noise) or "Push-To-Talk" (Holding a button you chose to turn on the microphone)

Don't be shy and join us, ts3 server might be empty for the next couple of days, but I think we'll start to get regular people here. ;)
by Silonix at 8:23 AM
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I apologise to those that were waiting for a re-launch of the PvP Server, but I could not fully restore it. Even with a completly new generated world, copying in parts of the main town simply caused nonstop server crashes. After so many wasted days trying to save the parts of the server, when the only thing that comes to mind is "It will crash again, won't it?", i simply do not have motivation nor time to re-vamp/re-build everything by hand.

If anyone wants their rank transfered to any Silocraft Server, you may request that here. Sorry for inconvenience :cry:
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Skyblock server's world was created around 2 years ago, it is quite an old world with many errors. We decided to re-create the server from scratch. There will be Auctions, shops, warps to visit other players' islands to see their personal shops and more!

The server is currently open for testing ^^
by Silonix at 9:28 AM
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  • Fixed /plot add/remove/etc
  • Added a heart symbol on Creative server for married players.
  • Added mcmmo on Creative for players that are bored of building and would like some combat, farming level systems etc
  • Fixed scoreboard on Creative
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks

Note: Chat parties will be temporary disabled, we're currently looking in to some issues with it.
by Silonix at 7:15 PM
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We have launched a new server, you may join it thru the hub. Give us some feedback on it and report any bugs you find ^^
by Silonix at 4:24 PM
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Silocraft should be fully compatible with changing your name, however since we have not tested it yet, we will have to wait and see if anyone has any issues. We would advise to wait one or a few more days before trying to change your name.
by Silonix at 2:03 PM
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We have removed /plot clear command and added a /plot reset command instead. It allows to reset your plot's ownership and content, instead of just content.

We have also added:
/realname to check real username under the nickname
/skull on creative to get any player's head for premium+