Silocraft Minecraft Servers

1st place: @Rosie1122
2nd place: @spookori
3rd place: @Zsozso2

Everyone participating got their rewards, next contest will be held November 7th (GMT ~11-12PM)
+New perks on the donation system
+Tweaks on mines
+New warps (for a full list use /warp)
+Fixed pvp kicked for flying bug
+Rankup prices rework
+Removed PvP from block 3 and 4
+Added prestige system (After reaching "Free" rank, you can start over and after block 5, you'll be put in to exclusive block 6 prison)
+Added leaderboards (/warp leaderboards)
+Buffed block 5's wood mine
+Added 14 new plots to Block IV
+Added /warp yard
+Added 3 new weapons to crates
+Added 16 new plots to prison's 3rd block.
+Improved island level calculations boundaires.
+Fixed escape glitch on prison
+Fixed exploit on Acid to take out items from menu
+Fixed biome boundaires.
/island lock - Prevents anyone outside of the party from entering the island.
/island ban - ban/unban a player from warping to your island.
/island trust - Trust a player on your island without being in the party (this will give access to build/break and chests).
/it - Private chat between party and trust members on an island .
/ptk - Private chat between party members.

And a TON of bug fixes.
+Added 54 new Upgradable Mcmmo Medals

+Fixed "Most Invited" not showing up (
+Fixed invitation error for yahoo mails
+Fixed attachment error for ".png" images
+Fixed duplicated medals
+Fixed "Wow" and "Addicted" trophies
The Winners need to contact me to redeem reward within 2 weeks!

Top Mobkiller: @chaois
Top PvPer: @Sungmin18
Richest Player: @Capn_Wreckz
Higher Power Level: @chaios
+Little changes to Third Block's mob farm
+New Block2 rooms
+Added 60 Second Block's rooms
+Added 40 Fourth Block's plots
+Added Player Shops
+Added Lottery
+Completely reworked crates, you may buy them for 1mil with /crate buy
+Changed Fifth Block's plot prices
Invite x friends via ""
-Invite 10 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 15 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 25 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 35 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 50 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 65 friends 5$ Coupon
-Invite 80 friends 10$ Coupon
-Invite 100 friends 20$ Coupon
-Invite 150 friends 20$ Coupon
-Invite 200 friends 20$ Coupon

Post here when requirements are met:
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