Its ya girl, uhh... StellaRoses

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    Well hello there!
    My name is StellaRoses! and the main thing about me is that i like to be creative and i do so building stuff in mc or drawing!
    You can find me in Silocraft either in the creative server or in the prison server [Mostly in creative tho}
    I also like watching others creativity so i might be flying around in creative checking out the other peeps plots.
    I get confused easily so im sorry if i don't understand something lol
    Still in school, getting my enedumication
    Aaaaand that is it i think... Also English isn't my main language but i can speak it somewhat fluently along with Spanish, Meme and Vine [dead but never forgotten]

    See yall and i hope yall have a lovely night or day :h:
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