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Jul 7, 2013
Oct 26, 2012
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Jul 2, 1993 (Age: 27)

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Dirt Level, Female, 27


/me loves cherries <3 ;P Oct 26, 2012

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Jul 7, 2013
    1. DustiE27
      Im following you now - your smbf
    2. santeri3011
      cherries are da best!!!
    3. Power_master_100
      Who is Dora the explorer?
      1. emmetlevi and luxb like this.
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      3. KorraX
        She is for toddlers. Babies wouldn't understand that :P
        Apr 12, 2013
      4. blobbyjelly
        Lol. It's the same thing. Besides why did you write it two times bro?
        Apr 13, 2013
      5. DoraLea
        For all you lovely people out there who think the name is funny and that its very original to make a dora the explorer joke, let me tell you 3 things. 1. the name is awesome, deal with it. 2. no you are not the first ones to make that joke...more like the 10000 ones...i should put out a prize for the person whos the 1000000 one to say it. Annnd 3. fancy a mute :3 nah jk....or am i?
        Jun 11, 2013
    4. Kimqt
      You should have a picture of Dora the explorer as avatar <3
      1. emmetlevi and santeri3011 like this.
      2. DoraLea
        Nevar Evar....she shall burn in fire
        Mar 11, 2013
      3. Kimqt
        Still waiting for the Dora the explorer avatar
        Mar 17, 2013
    5. DoraLea
      /me loves cherries <3 ;P
      1. emmetlevi and santeri3011 like this.
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    Jul 2, 1993 (Age: 27)
    Yes my name is really Dora and i would appreciate if people didn't continuously make "Dora the Explorer" jokes in my presence (and yes i am aware that this request will make people especially happy to do those jokes xD whatever i had to try).
    Well after that being said: people that have met me on the pvp server will know that i am not the pvping kind (what am i doing on this server then?...whoever knows the answer: plz don't hesitate to let me know ;D).
    Usually I'm in my plot and talking with people^^, or in the wilderness mining for treasure ;P. I used to be in the ma a lot before the mobs got so op and before I started trading =)...The rare times that I'm at /warp pvp there is 2 options for me xD:
    1. I don't know the people in pvp or know they mean no good --> wallhugging, me and the wall are really good friends u know ;P
    2. I know the people in pvp and trust them --> i might take a short walk amongst them just to know how it would feel like to be a warrior xD
    If u ever meet me in the wilderness don't be afraid i men no harm...and if u pull out sword I'm more likely to run than to fight ;).
    After reading thru all this i really wonder why i like the pvp server so much xD I really am not a fighter as people can tell...
    Nothing to add to that right now except for that i love the server and really enjoy most of the people that are on it :D :h:
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