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    Welcome to the SiloCraft Survival Guide, here you can find all the information you need while playing Survival.
    This is mainly to help new players but can also have useful information for old players.

    Orange chat is a command, do not include "<>" when typing commands.

    Getting started:

    When you first join into survival you will see some command information and rules (I recommend reading these). Then go to your left, you will see a sign saying “[Random Teleport]” on a diamond ore block (Alternatively, you can do /wild anywhere in the world to random TP) . Click this and you will be teleported to the survival world, from here you can gather basic resources.


    After you have gotten your resources you might want to build your first settlement. To get your first claim you can do a few things,

    • Place a chest.
    • Use /claim.
    • Use a gold shovel to claim a perimeter.

    The /claim and the chest method are handy, but they will only work once. The gold shovel works multiple times, as long as you have the claim blocks for it (You can see your claim block amount by holding the golden shovel or doing /claimlist). To make a claim with a gold shovel simply right click where you want your first corner to be, then walk over to the diagonally opposite corner and right click again (don’t take the shovel out of your hand while doing this).

    Some other useful claim commands:

    /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim your standing in.
    /abandonallclaims - Abandons every claim you have.
    /trust - Adds people to the land you’re standing on (If you are not standing on a claim, it will add the person to all your claims).

    For further help on claiming, watch this video:


    MCMMO is a Minecraft plugin that gives Minecraft a more “MMO” feel. This plugin adds skills for everyday Minecraft things that you can level up, by leveling these up it grants benefits. Here are some useful commands with mcmmo:

    /mcstats - Shows all the MCMMO skills and your level in them (You will need to do /fb off to turn the scoreboard off so you can see this)
    /<skillname> - Displays your level and other information on the specific skill.
    /mctop <skillname> - Displays the leaderboard for the specific skill.
    /party create <name> - Creates a party where you can private chat, share MCMMO xp and more.
    /party invite <username> - Invites someone to your party.
    /party chat - Enables or disables party chat.

    For further information on MCMMO do /mcmmo help or visit the wiki:


    On Survival the economy is mainly run by the players, there is no admin shops and no pay to win. By playing the server you get $1 every minute, if you join the discord and are in the survival voice channel you will get $2 every minute (You will need to verify your Minecraft account on the SiloCraft Discord (This is explained further down).

    Shops: Shops allow you to sell items to other players, to create a shop place down a chest, then while holding the item you wish to sell, do the command /shop create <amount of item> <buy price> <sell price>, then click the chest. Here is some other shop commands.

    /shop remove - Removes a shop after you click it.
    /shop limits - Shows the max amount of shops (this can be changed by donating).

    Auctions: The is also another way to sell stuff to people, this is by auctioning stuff. To see the auction list do /ah. To actually sell something for auction do /ah sell <price> while holding the item.

    Other Useful Commands:
    /pay <player> <amount> - Used to pay someone money.
    /balance - Shows your money balance.
    /baltop - Shows the leaderboard for amount of money.


    Discord is like Skype and TeamSpeak mixed, it has the regular messaging like Skype but also has Servers like TeamSpeak. To join the SiloCraft Discord first you must go to and select the download option. Once you have discord setup press the circle with the “+” inside it to the left, then click join a server, enter the code “FTJ5XUW” and click join.

    Once you’re in the Discord you can text other players, get information and announcements, and voice chat people. You can also verify your minecraft account, firstly go to “#in_game_chat” and then type !verify <minecraft_username>. After you have done that, go on the server and do /verify in chat, once you are verified you can do /reward to gain extra items.

    Other Useful Commands:

    /tpa <username> - Teleports you to another player.
    /tpaccept - Accepts a tp request.
    /tpdeny - Declines a tp request.
    /sethome <name> - Sets you a home you can teleport to (More homes can be purchased on the donation website for all players)
    /home <name> - Teleports you to your home.
    /warp <name> - Allows you to warp to places (Do /warp for warp list)

    Further Help:

    If you ever need further help do not hesitate to contact a staff member or post something on the forums!
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    You forgot one more thing...DO NOT join the Rawlbois

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